Following the promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010, whose central theme is the devolved system of Government, the Water Act 2002 was repealed giving way to Water Act 2016, thereby changing the institutional mandate to:

  1. Development, maintenance and management of National Public Water Works
  2. Operate Water Works and provide water services as a Water Service Provider as mandated by Section 68 (b) of the Water Act 2016.
  3. Provide reserve capacity for purposes of providing water services as per section 68 (c) of the Water Act 2016.
  4. Provide Technical Services and Capacity Building to County governments and WSPs as may be requested.
  5. Provide Technical Support to the Water Cabinet Secretary in discharge of their functions.

To achieve the above mandate the Agency will; develop water Supply infrastructure; develop Sewerage infrastructure; enrich stakeholder engagement; ensure progressive mainstreaming of cross cutting issues; and enhance institutional capacity.

Our Philosophy

Quality water works for improved livelihood