Tana Water Works Development Agency Board Members embarked on inspection of projects in Marsabit county being implemented in partnership with Northern Water Works Development Agency

The tour began with the inspection of Marsabit Sewerage Project followed by the inspection of the construction of Marsabit Water Supply Treatment Plant and concluded with the inspection of Bakuli 4 dam which is 20m high whose reservoir has a capacity of 300 million liters. The Agency in liaison with Marsabit Water and Sewerage Company- MARWASCO aims to increase the number of beneficiaries to 30,000 in the County.

Board Members proceeded the tour by visiting Isiolo Town Water Supply and Sewerage-Last Mile Connectivity Project which is currently in use and benefits 1,500 new residential water connections, serving 6,000 people and 150 sewerage connections, serving 900 people.

This was followed by the inspection of various boreholes in Meru County which include Maritati borehole Mukiria Youth Borehole Buri Antu community borehole. Burindaya Community borehole.

The board projects inspection tour came to an end with the inspection of three boreholes funded by Cross County Water Projects in Meru County, beginning with Athiru Ruunjine borehole, followed by Bangeru Akithi Borehole Project. They then inspected Meru Sewerage, which will benefit 193,000 people once complete.

Finally, the board visited Thimangiri Earth Dam that currently serves about 300 houses (1,500 people) and cattle.