A specialized Water Police Unit (WPU) was established to protect infrastructure under the Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Irrigation against vandalism, theft and access by individuals with criminal intent by Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki on 30th January, 2023.

This was followed by the deployment of WPU within the areas of operation of Water Works Development Agencies. Tana Water Works Development Agency welcomed Inspector Gladys Wachuka on 4th May 2023 and organized a familiarization visit with Water Service Providers as well as project sites under TWWDA area of jurisdiction.

All key water infrastructure and sources are considered protected areas under the Protected Areas Act, which prohibits Kenyans from accessing such premises without approval. The WPU aims to curb the rising cases of vandalism and theft of Kenya’s water supply and sanitation infrastructure which leads to the loss of close to Sh10.6 billion every year due to non-revenue water.